A web application for constructing elegant, interactive presentations of data from Graphite.

Release 0.10

0.10 is another incremental release, tidying up a few things and adding a few minor new features.

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Actions & Transforms

Easily extensible actions and transformations can interactively drill-down into data queries on the fly, or even completely transform them.

# Duplicate a dashboard with curl
curl -G
  -d 'definition=true'
curl -X POST
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json'
  -d @-


A REST-ful HTTP API provides access to everything, and allows easy management with HTTP tools like curl.

Multiple Chart Renderers

View standard Graphite static PNG charts, or interactive charts rendered by flot.

Text-Based Presentations

Data from Graphite can be presented in a wide variety of textual formats — not just graphs. summation_table, timeshift_summation_table, percentage_table, singlestat, and jumbotron_singlestat all provides additional ways to present meaningful analyses of your metrics data.

Color Themes

Tessera includes 5 color themes out of the box — three light and two dark — including themes based on the popular Solarized color palette.